Torrevento (Puglia)

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Dotted with timeless towers and surrounded by an endless sea, Apulia stretches with open gates towards the Orient, whitewashed walls, stones and rocks, the scent of rosemary, flavor of the absolute.

This is a rugged and wild, sunny part of Apulia stretching across a plateau north of the Murgia Barese. Dotted with masserie (farm houses), jazzi (sheep pens) and rural chapels, it is marked for long stretches just by rows of stone, miles of dry-stone walls, which mark the age-old boundaries of the fields, perfectly blended into the landscape. This stone pattern includes farm facilities dating back to the days of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, whose horses used to be bred in this area, and facilities that used to offer shelter during transhumance, and appear already in the records of the Royal Customs of the 16th century. All of these buildings are marked by the presence of stone, a readily available and versatile building material attesting to man’s hard labour in the course of the centuries.

It was the year 1920, when the Liantonio family of Palo del Colle embarked upon the project of setting up the first wine-growing and producing business, actually also the first olive-growing and oil-producing business. Thanks to their passion for wine, the Liantonio brothers took the plunge in 1948: in the heart of the “Murgia barese”, in the area marked by the majestic presence of the Swabian castle known as Castel del Monte, more precisely in a then unknown hamlet called Contrada “Torre del vento”, they decided to buy a splendid old farm
entirely built of stone, a former seventeenth-century monastery with perfectly preserved cellars, stables and walls … but above all with an estate including 57 hectares of vineyards. In the early Fifties, Gaetano Liantonio began the processing of grapes and the restoration of the already existing edifice. Thus, a winery was born in Torre del Vento, whose grapes were picked and processed internally and where that precious “nectar” of the Gods was already beginning to strike new paths…