Bindi Sergardi (Toscana)

Bindi Sergardi farm has been with the same family since 1349, passing from one generation to the next in natural succession. Located in the Chianti Classico area it has undergone all the phases of good agricultural practice in use over the centuries and has now had to accept its transformation into a family company, justified and made necessary by the dimensions of a property which comprises over a thousand hectares.

From generation to generation the Bindi Sergardi lands have never ceased to supply typical Sienese agricultural products: wine, rotating crops, olive oil, farm animals.
The current owner, Nicolò Casini, grandson of Elisabetta Bindi Sergardi and man of his times, has chosen to emphasize two of the above to promote our farm’s excellence. He invested heavily in both increasing and improving our production of wine, and he mechanized and rationalized crop cultivation; as a sideline he has kept on a small production of olive oil.
His daughter Alessandra joined him in 2005 and took over the wine business, which had increased in importance thanks to the addition of further family farms with a vocation for vineyards.


A small territory between Siena and Firenze has been called Chianti as far back as memory goes. In 1924, a group of enlightened winemakers started a consortium celebrating that name, that area and its principal produce: wine. Using their Italian creativity, the merchants of that time used to trade enormous quantities of wine towards the New World with no rules, bottling it in flasks and naming it Chianti.
There were no norms for verifying the origin of that product. A select group of winemakers decided to create an ante litteram DOC by delimiting a smaller production zone: the wine they then called CHIANTI CLASSICO could originate only from this distinct area. Both of Nicolò’s grandfathers were in that group; Mocenni is in the center of the map.