Cantine Volpi (Piemonte)

Cantine Volpi are today a spokesman in the Italian wine panorama. Generation after generation, thanks to the loyalty to the family’s tradition, that dates back to 1914 when the Company was founded, this producer has been able to build, little by little, a leading role in its territory and an image of very high quality for its wines, both on the domestic market and abroad. Harmonious red wines of great texture, fresh white wines of outstanding elegance are the result of the marriage between the tradition of the past and the necessary contribution of the most advanced technologies. These products are born in the wine-making premises in Viguzzolo at the foothills of the beautiful Colli Tortonesi and they change surrounding for their subsequent maturation and ageing, that take place in the modern cellars in Tortona. Here, the skillful use of large Slavonian oak casks and small French oak barriques gives to the wine the elegance and roundness to be appreciated on the tables all over the world. Today, the mix between experience and management choices proceeds to continuously propose the most complete expression of the best wine qualities.