Medici Ermete (Emilia Romagna)

Welcome to one of the richest regions in Europe, which boasts one of the highest standards of living in Italy and is home to many of the most popular food and wine products in the country.

Within easy reach of Venice, Florence and Milan, Emilia-Romagna lies at the heart of northern Italy. The region has been populated since ancient times, when the vitis labrusca grew wild at the edge of the woodlands; the name of the king of Italian wines, renowned the world over – Lambrusco – derives from this plant.
The climate of the region is warm and sunny in the summer, while the winters are severe, with the plain enveloped in fog and snow often falling on the hills.
This is a wine-growing area that gives ample rewards to those who are familiar with it and know just how best to take care of it. The provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena are the heart of Lambrusco country; the wine produced here was a firm favourite with the personal physician of Pope Sixtus V, Andrea Bacci, who wrote of “Lambrusco vines, whose red and white grapes produce spicy, fragrant wines that form a delicious froth when poured into the glass”.

Now run by the fourth generation of the Medici family, the company boasts sound experience both in the vineyards and in the winery, which allows them to make the finest of wine from the grapes they grow.
What lies behind the family’s success is the idea of creating a close link between the individual vineyards and the wines produced, and the rigorous selection of the grapes, which sometimes leads to a yield that is as much as 30-40% lower than the quantity required to comply with the production regulations governing the DOC (Registered Designation of Origin) label, but which guarantees wines of unprecedented quality. The production cycle is completed with a skilful vinification process, using entirely new machinery, and a wine-growing philosophy in complete harmony with nature and the environment.
The response from the market was immediate, and our wines have gone from strength to strength; superb reviews in the specialised guides, as well as a number of highly coveted awards, have earned Medici Ermete labels a place among Italy’s top wines.
Our Lambrusco is the first in the area to have joined the élite list of the country’s most prestigious wines.