Montalbano Organic Wines

In 1985, Mauro Braidot – founder of Montalbano – converted his first 5 hectares of vineyards to organic production in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This is the only method recognized by the European Community for cultivating grapes without using synthetic chemicals. Organic cultivation preserves not only the land but the wholesomeness of the final products.

In 1998, the cellar of the Villa Job barn in Pozzuolo (Friuli) was renovated to create more space and improve production quality. The growing demand for organic wines prompted Mont’Albano to reach out and collaborate with other local organic grape producers.

In 2008, to take the business to the next level, Mont’Albano joined Sartori di Verona. This historic Veronese winery had, in fact, already started a project on organic wines, which should now, through sharing expertise, reach new levels of excellence.

Bottling and logistics were transferred from Pozzuolo to Negrar, while wine production remained in the Friuli cellars.

The Mont’Albano of today is a competitive business with a steadily growing market share, and is more attentive than ever to production with certified organic methods.