Casa Vinicola Sartori (Veneto)

Sartori, noble wines devoted to Verona, the fascination with a history, the tight bond with a region, the power of a personality embodied in elegant wines that narrate the most intense of love stories: that of Sartori for Verona.

Sartori Winery is located in the north of Verona, among the hills of Valpolicella, just in the heart of the classic production area, famous not only for its wines, but also for the pleasantness of the landscape and for the interesting tourist and cultural destinations.

Here Pietro Sartori bought the seventeenth-century Villa Maria, which was the residence of counts Murari, still headquarters of the company.

Very soon the excellent wines produced in the villa’s winery found favour with a growing clientele and so Regolo, Pietro’s son, made of this activity the successful vocation of the family.

About the sixties Pier Umberto and Franco, Regolo’s sons, thanks to their strong entrepreneurial abilities, have had the merit of bearing the company to the international limelight, starting the export of Veronese wines.

Today Andrea, Luca and Paolo, representatives of the fourth generation, have managed, thanks to their dedication, to continously increase both quality and quantity of production.
This are the outcomes reached thanks to a deep technological equipment innovation without forgetting the knowledge patrimony acquired by the Company.